Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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Structure Disappear In Fields Of Colour

... The painter Hering-Herber limits herself colour-wise to a few muted tones. The blue she favours in many of her works is either dominant in the foreground or to be found in the background as a splash of colour, it shimmers towards the spectator with a clear intensity.

Relicts of past constructions – frequently merely hinted at – are only visible as a structure, hide in the field of colours, encourage immersion.

Gateways and windows appear from the background in a kind of relief. It is worth walking to and fro. Each new angle brings another picture with it.
It is the artist’s intention to work with depth. She presents details, excerpts from the whole, which make the whole tangible.

The exhibition is completed by ceramics, vessels and amphora in natural tones which seem to radiate something unfinished. They could have been found in the landscapes and architecture which Helene Hering-Herber portrays in her paintings….

Allgemeine Mainzer Zeitung – 18th December 1996