Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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Poetic Moment - For Me

... the abstract, large format acryl works in tones of copper and brown by the painter Helene Hering-Herber from Berlin fill the larger part of the gallery unobtrusively yet imposingly. Further works from paper, pigment and lacquer bear hieroglyphic signs: “Archaeology of the soul” is the author’s comment.

Peter Grosz, “Hering-Herber is a painter who makes herself scarce. The work, often created in years of isolation, is “inner visions” of “vaulting stillness” and “the warmth of almost autistic messages”.

The artist does not want to portray or mediate and seeks in art moreover “a poetic moment – for myself”. With a special technique she applies whisked acryl colours on to the canvas and creates porous, relief-like structures which sometimes suggest layers of stone. The motive of a spiral, a labyrinth seems to repeat itself.

It comes as no surprise that Hering-Herber has participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne, Milan and New York.

AZ – 13th September 1995