Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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On The Trail Of The Fleeting

....The artist from Berlin showed a retrospective of her work from the last ten years in the beautiful surroundings of the Undenheim Museum.

The paintings, which are partly presented in an “Art Street” on the attic floor but also in the other rooms, are on the theme „On the disappearance of time“.

The works, some of very large format, speak a very abstract language, show few realistic depictions and offer more allusions and basic schematic forms.
She works with plays on the light and the shadows of the colours often applied in a kind of relief. Instead of „normal“ colours she uses mostly mixed pigments, copper in powder form, for example.

Further elements become apparent to the viewer at the second glance and with every following look, elements which appear from the depths, such as forms which rise out of a haze and only show themselves to the viewer on a closer look…...

Rhein Main Presse – Landkreis Oppenheim – 14th March 2001