Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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Dreams And Ruins

... Helene Hering-Herber was born in the ruins of Frankfurt am Main in 1946 and seems not to have lost the gift of creating something new from what has been discarded.

Hering-Herber reproduces her original photos and collages on overhead foils (Astralon) and transforms them in part by enlargement, then they are backed with silver or gold foil, coloured with transparent glass varnish and coated with coloured foil. She achieves the estrangement of black and white or colour photography by spraying them with caustic substances and then colouring with transparent retouching paint.

She approaches her work primarily with purely aesthetic criteria which then trigger trains of associations such as „Words covered in stone fall asymmetrically onto the melody“ or „Yet a period of manic destruction reproduces only self-destructive maniacs. Only the utopia of not belonging keeps us alive“......

taz – 30th September 1983