Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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Interior. Time. Space

13th December 1996 – 26th January 1997

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Interior.Time.Space - Flyer for exhibition “If it is correct that longing only occupies a space inside ourselves and our longing is measured by our desire, and, if it is correct that things which went before and go before us, and if it is correct, that we in a state of lesser or higher awareness, hurry past them, then it is also correct that we may only retain a fragmentary memory of this or that, or of our time.

Every painter – similarly to H.H.H. – portrays the pictures of his/her inner world, his/her time and space and also his/her perception of the things which have preceded us.
At the centre of this world, in the inner-time-space of H.H.H., the viewer of her paintings finds the fragmentary nature of human memory and feels the passion with which she has entered the search for long forgotten stories with brush, palette knife and file …”

Barbara T. Pohle, Author, Chairperson of the Literaturfrauenverband (Literary Women’s Association) – Nieder-Olm – 1996