Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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About The Disappereance Of Time

9th March bis 22nd April 2001
Museum Undenheim

Patron kultourfrühling
Claus Schick
Reinhold Sittel
Initiative kultour
Peter Grosz

Kunst-Action for kids 10th March 2001

About The Disappereance Of Time - Flyer for Vernissage “H. seems to me to inhabit that island of the fortunate where one can tell one’s dreams. Not pie-in-the-sky yarns, no fantasies, savoury, real dreams. Dreams made of solid material and the bright colours of our memories of life and times which our roots reach down to; fragile and enduring forms. Like all real art to be interpreted, nothing is simple, nothing trivial. Again and again I have the vague feeling of deja-vu, and then once again I am sent off in a different direction.

H’s. art cannot be overlooked. One simply cannot do it – especially allowing for the format of the paintings. There it is, it cannot help itself, and God seems to be on its side. Her worldly paintings, dwelling in the realm between heaven and earth, are serious games in the space we inhabit, whose secrets she lays bare by their very concealment. What could be better? H. is a happy being. She must be. “

Waldtraut Lewin, Author – Berlin 2001