Helene Hering-Herber

Malerei // Paintings

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About Paths. Nameless

8th December 1995 – 7th January 1996

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Peter Grosz
Peter Wank
Werner Schüßler

About Paths. Nameless - Flyer for exhibition “Images, nameless, from which one will not be able to make ONE SINGLE picture. And if one could, then they would sing. Music, from which one would not be able to write one SINGLE score. And if one could, then it would dance. A silent challenge. About paths.

Composition of colours made up of curves, lines, splashes and corners, plastic curvatures. Acryl. A configuration of pure considerations of colour shades. To feel your own breath. Your desire of. It may be, that. But it might be that.

Wanderings under the skin. Outside yourself. The painting does not force you to stay, but it demands to be seen again. Different again and again. No hardness. Nothing soft.
No flow. No stiffness. A stream. No drag. Energy arises here which takes care not to look into the clock à la Einstein. Seeing looks at itself. Impulse. In the pulse.”

Merve Lowien, Author – Berlin 1990